Family Violence Fact Sheet

    Domestic and family violence is a crime that takes many forms, not just physical actions. It includes emotional and psychological abuse, intimidation, harassment, stalking, physical and sexual assault, and can include animal abuse targeting pets, and damaging personal or joint property.

    Children living in a relationship with abusive behaviour are considered to be at risk of harm, either directly by being abused or indirectly by witnessing the abuse of the parent or carer.

    Our fact sheet provides you with information on domestic violence including, applying for a protection order, temporary & urgent orders, how to revoke or vary and the court processes around making an order and much more.

    Benefits Include:

      • Understand which actions qualify as domestic violence and how they are determined in regards to the law.
      • Learn the court process for applying for the different types of protection orders.
      • Improve your knowledge of the legal regulations surrounding domestic and family violence.
      • Our fact sheet explains what domestic violence is and how children are considered to be at risk when involved with an abusive environment.

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