Draft Applicant Case Outline

    If you believe that you are in a de facto relationship you need to understand the criteria that courts will use to decide if your relationship was a de facto relationship. Our Applicant Case Outline will walk you through the criteria and address your queries and concerns. This case outline was written from the applicant’s perspective and its purpose is to bring a case together in a clear and simple way. Case outlines help give the judge a broader picture of the case your legal team may be presenting.

    This document does not have to be highly detailed and is a scaffold upon which final submissions will ultimately be constructed. The draft case outline details a de facto jurisdiction matter from an Applicant's perspective.If you are drafting your own case outline, you should follow a basic framework that includes:

    • Which legal principles are the orders you are seeking based on?
    • What is the best way to apply those legal principles to the facts of your case?
    • What evidence can be used and what arguments are available to help demonstrate your version of the facts in a favourable and ultimately, more compelling light?

    Benefits Include:

      • Become familiar with the types of arguments used in de facto jurisdiction matters so you become more effective and save on possible future legal costs.
      • Build your understanding of how a de facto jurisdiction case is compiled and constructed.
      • Gain peace of mind as you develop awareness of the de facto relationship criteria a court will use.
      • Protect yourself and your assets from a de facto claim by understanding the factors a court considers relevant and pertinent.
      • Once you have a solid understanding of the criteria, you will have the confidence to prepare your own case outline.

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