Draft Applicant Relationship Letter

    If you are involved in a family court jurisdiction matter and need to understand the criteria that courts use to decide if your relationship is a de facto relationship, the Applicant Relationship Letter will be of interest to you. Our letter outlines the approach taken by an Applicant after a relationship has ceased.

    In our draft letter, the Applicant is seeking a property adjustment or settlement under the Family Court Act and the Respondent is denying that a de facto relationship existed. Instead, asserting there was a romantic relationship in order to block the Applicants rights to a property adjustment or settlement.

    The letter is carefully crafted to highlight how the Applicant will seek to prove the relationship and uses strategies your solicitor may employ.

    Benefits Include:

      • Helps reduce fear or confusion when starting a de facto claim by highlighting key strategies that can be used.
      • Increase your knowledge and understanding of different types of evidence the court will require in a de facto claim.
      • Protect yourself and your assets from a de facto claim by understanding the de facto relationship threshold criteria.
      • Increase your understanding around the process involved when a de facto jurisdiction matter is commenced.

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