Property & Financial Matters Upon De Facto Relationship Breakdown

    The Property and Financial Matters resource outlines the laws governing the breakdown of a de facto relationship. Specifically, it deals with reforms introduced in 2009 to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) meaning that most same sex and opposite sex de facto couples (in all states and territories except Western Australia) who end their relationships can now have their property and financial matters dealt with in the same way as married couples.

    This resource provides a general outline of the relevant reforms, their genesis and the arguments in favour of and against their introduction.

    Approximately two-thirds of married couples live together as de facto couples before getting married. The question that now needs to be answered is not if you should move in together but rather when and how to proceed.

    Benefits Include:

      • Become familiar with law reforms affecting de facto relationships that you need to be aware of.
      • Get a greater understanding of de facto law and how it applies to your relationship.
      • Become more confident with de facto relationship criteria that courts will use in your assessments Understand how to protect yourself and your assets from a de facto claim by understanding the laws surrounding de facto relationships.

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