How To Make A Living Together Agreement

    If you are currently, or will soon be living with your partner and aren’t married a Living Together Agreement is the best way to protect yourself and your partner’s interests. Our example Agreement will show you how to craft your own document. This comprehensive Agreement is easy to understand and can be tailored to suit your situation. Once completed, take your agreement to a legal professional to have a legally binding document prepared.

    A Living Together Agreement protects both parties, whatever may happen in the future. It will give you and your partner a greater understanding of each other’s priorities and concerns, helping you both feel more secure in your relationship.

    Benefits Include:

      • Less formal than a BFA, this framework can help you discuss practical considerations such as rent, mortgage & utilities.
      • Discuss the possibilities of future eventualities like a breakup or loss of income and document how you will deal them.
      • Reduce disagreements by discussing potentially emotional topics such as division of property and assets at the start of your relationship.
      • Helps you gain a clear understanding of each other’s expectations. Knowing that any assets you bring to the relationship are protected can greatly reduce potential future anguish and uncertainty.
      • Create the security that comes from knowing you and your partner understand and respect each other's wishes.

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