Will Notes To Executor Template

    If you are separating you may need to review your Will. The process of making a new will does not need to be complex, time consuming or costly. A Will ensures the orderly management of your wealth when you aren’t around to exercise personal control.

    Reviewing and updating your Will is just as important as creating one. It is preferable to have your will reviewed every time there is a major event in your life. This includes, but is not limited to, a birth, death, marriage, acquisition of property or disposal of property. At minimum, a review should be performed every three years or at least every five years.

    A review means you only need to check it’s still current. It’s rare that you need to change your will but it’s critical that you do review it.

    The Will Notes to Executor Template provides you with an editable template to create executor notes & manage Will reviews.

    Benefits Include:

      • Fully editable template to create Will executor notes and manage Will reviews.
      • Understand the process of creating Will notes to your Executor to ensure your wishes are carried out in the event of death.
      • Protect your assets and priorities in the event of death by effectively communicating your wishes.
      • Take control of your Will and ensure an orderly management of your wealth.

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