Response to Draft Relationship Outline Letter

    If you are a respondent or an applicant in a family court jurisdiction matter you need to understand the criteria that courts will use to decide if your relationship is a de facto relationship. Our Draft Respondent Relationship Outline Letter will give you an understanding of the strategies involved. This letter sets out the approach taken by a Respondent after a relationship breakdown.

    The letter highlights how the Respondent will seek to challenge the Applicant’s evidence and the court's jurisdiction in an attempt to stop the Applicant from being awarded a property settlement.

    Read this document in conjunction with the Draft Applicant Relationship Letter and Draft Applicant Case Outline to develop a fuller understanding.

    Benefits Include:

      • Responding to a de facto jurisdiction claim can be frightening and confusing. Alleviate the fear by understanding the process & key strategies involved.
      • Learn how key strategies are applied from both the applicant and respondent perspectives.
      • Increase your personal knowledge and understand the different types of respondent strategies the court will entertain.
      • Protect yourself and your assets from a de facto claim by understanding what a de facto relationship really is and how to challenge the existence of a de facto relationship.
      • Understand the process involved when you are a respondent in a de facto jurisdiction matter.

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