Budget Worksheet

    If you are planning to move in with or currently living with your partner, understanding your joint and individual budgets is vital. Money concerns can cause real tension in a relationship and many couples avoid the topic entirely, particularly in the early stages of a relationship. Our Budget Worksheet helps you discuss money right away in a safe and structured manner. This can be particularly helpful if money has been an issue in past relationships.

    The budget worksheet is a brilliant way to get a “money” conversation started, it shows you how to do it quickly and easily. It only takes most couples a few hours to complete.

    It is comprehensive, easy to understand and flexible. Customise it to include all expenses that are relevant to your lifestyle. The budget worksheet also helps you quickly and easily identify each expense you need to discuss as a couple. Our companion resource, How to Make Living Together Agreement may also be helpful.

    Benefits Include:

      • Easy to use and may help you identify expenses to discuss with your partner that were missed.
      • Build the confidence to start a conversation by using a framework to communicate openly about financial matters.
      • Develop greater understanding between you and your partner around shared financial goals and priorities while addressing concerns.
      • Flexible structure that can be completed together or individually.
      • Create a positive future based on shared priorities and common financial goals.

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