Draft Applicant Response to Witness Affidavit

    If you are a respondent or applicant in a family court jurisdiction matter or want to understand the affidavit process and how to respond to an affidavit, our Draft Response to a Witness Affidavit provides you with an example. Our resource highlights the process involved in responding to a witness affidavit.

    You can respond more effectively by understanding the relevant information to provide to your solicitor. Your solicitor will then be in a stronger position to draft the affidavit responses and craft your overarching case strategy.

    This resource list includes a Draft Witness Affidavit and a Draft Applicant Response plus a set of tips for responding effectively. Read this document in conjunction with the Draft Applicant Relationship Letter and Draft Applicant Case Outline.

    Benefits Include:

      • Identify and understand the strategies used by a respondent and applicant in affidavit material. The better your understanding of these strategies, the easier it is for you to direct your legal team effectively and save on legal costs.
      • Understand how affidavits are constructed from the respondents and applicant’s perspectives.
      • Develop awareness of potential strategies that may be relevant to your relationship.
        Protect yourself from a de facto claim by understanding the factors a court will consider relevant.
      • Once you have a solid understanding of affidavit preparation and response, you will have the confidence to prepare your own affidavit material.

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