De Facto BFA Template

    Our De Facto BFA Template enables couples to enter into a Binding Financial Agreement during cohabitation and prior to marriage. Entering into a BFA can provide reassurance to both parties about how key concerns and priorities will be handled in the event of a break up. It also promotes open and honest communication between couples.

    This template provides you with a complete agreement that you can edit to suit your situation. You can also add clauses as required. There is information in the agreement on legal advice requirements and a user guide that sets out how to use the template.

    Benefits Include:

      • Complete framework to promote open communication regarding financial priorities and concerns around asset protection and wealth creation as a couple.
      • Gain reassurance from understanding where your partner’s financial priorities lie and communicate your priorities to your partner.
      • Fully customizable agreement that you can edit to suit the stage of your relationship and financial intentions.
      • Information on legal advice requirements is included.

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