Living Together Checklist

    Do you struggle to discuss topics like finances, marriage and children with your partner? Or, when you do discuss these topics does the conversation often become unstructured and end up in arguments? If this sounds like you, our Living Together Checklist is here to help. The decision to live together is one of the biggest in your life and our checklist covers everything that you should be discussing with your partner before taking this huge step.

    Approximately two-thirds of married couples live together as de facto couples before getting married. The question that now needs to be answered is not if you should move in together but rather when and how you should proceed in a manner that protects and benefits you both.

    Our checklist provides you with a framework that can facilitate an open and forthright discussion with your partner about the important issues associated with living together as a couple. Having a structured discussion about marriage, children, finances, where you will live and what happens in the event of a breakup can provide you with enormous clarity as well as peace of mind. Don’t shy away from these important topics and just hope that everything will be okay.

    Benefits Include:

      • Clearly structured and easy to follow checklist.
      • Identify key areas in your relationship for you and your partner to discuss.
      • Gain the confidence to start these conversations and use our framework to communicate openly about sensitive topics.
      • Understand your partner’s and your own financial and emotional values Flexible worksheet structure to complete together or alone.
      • Create a future based on mutual compromise and shared goals. A greater understanding of where there are differences means you are more likely to build a healthy future.

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