Draft Respondent Case Outline

    If you are a respondent in a de facto jurisdiction matter or simply want to understand how a respondent case is constructed, the Respondent Case Outline is for you. Case outlines are used by the courts in Family Law matters to bring a case together in a clear and simple way. The purpose of a case outline is to give the judge a broader picture of the case your legal team will be presenting.

    A case outline does not have to be highly detailed and is a framework upon which final submissions will be constructed. Our Respondent Case Outline details a de facto jurisdiction matter from the Respondents perspective.

    If you are drafting your own case outline you need to understand the basic framework:

    • What are the legal principles the Applicant relying upon?
    • How do you apply those legal principles to the facts of your case?
    • Which evidence can be used and what arguments are available to help demonstrate your version in a favourable and more compelling light?
    • Will you be attacking the credit of the Applicant?

    Benefits Include:

      • A framework and strategies for a de facto jurisdiction matter that may help you work with your legal team more effectively.
      • Get a greater understanding of how a de facto jurisdiction case is constructed from the respondent’s perspective.
      • Understand how a court may use criteria to decide if a relationship is in fact, a de facto relationship.
      • Learn what a court will consider relevant to protect yourself from a de facto claim.
      • Familiarize yourself with the criteria and have the confidence to prepare your own case outline.

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