Shared Parenting Plan Agreement Template

    Are you separating from your partner and want to implement a plan that sets out how you will both co-parent? It can be complicated and emotionally challenging, especially when children are involved.

    If you separate from your partner you will need to ensure that your child or children are appropriately provided for financially and supported emotionally.

    The Shared Parenting Plan Agreement Template enables parents to clearly document parenting arrangements so that you consider all options and mutually agree on a plan.

    It empowers you to focus and agree on parenting arrangements that are in the best interests of the child. Having a written agreement in place also reduces the potential for misunderstanding or conflict in the future.

    Benefits Include:

      • A template to help you implement a parenting plan to fully support your children post separation.
      • A framework to lead discussions and ensure that the needs of your children are fully considered.
      • The template covers relevant issues and you can edit it to suit your personal circumstances.
      • Agree on how you will co parent going forward and reduce instances of conflict in the future that could otherwise arise from misunderstandings.

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