Financial Statement Family Law Court Template

    There is a requirement to complete and file a Financial Statement when commencing court proceedings for financial matters. It is important that you are as accurate as possible when completing the form as you will need to swear or affirm an Affidavit as to the truth of its contents.

    If your case goes to a hearing, you may find yourself in the witness box being asked questions about your Financial Statement and if you have unintentionally made mistakes, it may lead the Judge to conclude that you are an unreliable witness, harming your credibility.

    You are required by the court to make full and frank financial disclosure. Non-disclosure could result in a costs order being made against you. If the non-disclosure is not discovered until after Orders have been made, then the Orders could be overturned.

    Our template enables you to complete your financial statement.

    Benefits Include:

      • This template helps to fulfil your financial disclosure requirements when commencing court proceedings for property adjustment after the breakdown of a relationship.
      • This template enables you to print out & complete a full financial statement.
      • Non-disclosure of your financial position or misleading information in your financial statement could result in a costs order being made against you, or any orders being overturned.
      • Any mistakes with the Financial Statement document could harm your credibility in court so it is important to get it right.

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