Existence of a Relationship Checklist

    If you are living with your partner and aren’t married, the Existence of Relationship Checklist will help you identify if you are in a de facto relationship and how laws surrounding de facto relationships may apply to you.

    You may not think you are in a de facto relationship but your relationship may be viewed as one legally. It is important to understand if you are in a de facto relationship in order to determine how property settlement entitlement rights could apply to you, in the event of your relationship breaking down.

    The resource will help you understand if you meet the basic “threshold” criteria for the existence of a de facto relationship according to the Family Law Act 1975. Our checklist details the criteria in an easy to understand format. If you do not meet the requirements laid out the Court cannot find you to be in a de facto relationship.

    It is comprehensive, easy to understand, and flexible so that you can easily confirm the type of relationship you are in.

    Benefits Include:

      • Responding to a de facto jurisdiction claim can be frightening and confusing. Ensure you understand your rights and the nature of your relationship.
      • Understand your financial position and how your relationship may affect it.
      • Understand the different criteria that courts will use when ruling on a de facto relationship.
      • Protect yourself and your assets from a de facto claim by understanding how a de facto relationship is defined and how you can challenge a ruling. Understand what is involved when proving the “threshold” criteria.

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