Spousal Maintenance Fact Sheet

    Spousal Maintenance is different to Child Support and Adult Child Maintenance, and can be deemed payable in addition to Child Support and Adult Child Maintenance. Spousal Maintenance is a payment by one spouse to their former spouse, to assist them to support themselves following separation.

    Spousal Maintenance can be payable as either a regular weekly amount for a determined period of time or as a lump sum amount.

    Before a Court can consider whether or not to make an Order for one spouse to pay Spousal Maintenance, it must ensure that the couple meet de facto relationship threshold criteria. This fact sheet provides you with a starting point to learn about spousal maintenance.

    Benefits Include:

      • Understand exactly what Spousal Maintenance is and how it differs from Child Support and Adult Child Maintenance.
      • Learn what forms Spousal Maintenance can take and the options for payment.
      • Understand how Spousal Maintenance is determined and how de facto relationship threshold criteria must first be met before an ex partner can be awarded Spousal maintenance.
      • Easy-to-understand fact sheet which clearly explains the basics about Spousal Maintenance.

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