Letting go of the pain after a break up

Letting Go Of The Pain

Moving on from a de facto break upOne of the hardest things to do after a relationship break up is, letting go or getting unstuck. It seems when we’re going through the hurt of heartbreak, the advice we hear most often is: “Let go and move on.” We inherently know to heed this advice but it’s much easier said than done. When we break down the concept of letting go, look at all of the things we’re holding onto and ask yourself, why?

Letting go is all about committing to yourself and devoting the time and effort it’s going to take to get through your heartbreak. This process is what you make of it. It’s all about you at long last. So it’s time to “do you” in the most delicate of ways. This article explores strategies to get you past your break up and moving forward with your life.


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