De Facto Relationships in Australia


We know that de facto relationships in Australia can be difficult. Sometimes, they just go wrong. When that happens, you can feel isolated, alone and find it difficult to think clearly. This can be extremely damaging when you need to be practical and think about your own assets, either during the relationship, when you need to speak to your partner about your concerns, or afterward, when the relationship has run its course.

Either way, understanding the laws governing de facto relationships in Australia is imperative. You don’t want to be taken advantage of, by your partner or by solicitors. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right information. Particularly when everything seems full of legal jargon and is difficult to understand. You don’t want to waste your own money and time engaging expensive services and still not understand what’s needed. We built this site to help people either starting a de facto relationship or going through a de facto relationship breakdown. Our templates and resources have been created by a team of Accredited Family Law Specialists. We have first hand knowledge and real-life experience regarding de facto relationship breakdowns, property adjustment and binding financial agreements. We understand what you are going through. We understand what you need to know, and what you don’t.

Our resources are designed to help you understand relationship laws and to help you learn how to protect your assets. We explain everything that you need to know in simple plain English, to save you the pain that numerous others have experienced. Don’t leave it too late. Don’t suffer through added pain because you’ve not taken the time to learn the key areas of relationship law that may affect you.  We provide you with free content that has been prepared by Accredited Family Law professionals & Psychologists. We also offer paid resources & templates. If you want to access our resources you can join the site as a member or simply purchase the individual resources you require.