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Need to talk? Connect with caring people who have been through similar experiences.

Every relationship is different. Everyone’s personal needs are different. Knowing that you are talking to someone who has been through a similar experience can help. Your calls are completely confidential and anonymous.

Our Listeners appreciate what you are going through and are there to support you. You don’t have to use your calls if it’s not your thing.

Each membership level includes a set number of Listener calls. You can also purchase additional Listener calls.

You can schedule your call at a date and time that suits you via our website. Your call time will be confirmed and a listener will then call you at the scheduled time.

There is no obligation and you don’t have to use the calls that are included in your membership but we highly recommend you schedule a call and try the service.

Our Listeners are not legal professionals or psychologists and do not give advice. They simply listen. They provide a confidential and anonymous service to help you get through a difficult period.

What To Expect From Your First Call


"I was dubious about this service initially. I wasn’t sure about talking to a stranger about my personal life but it turned out to be the best part of it! It sounds weird, but having someone on the other end of the line to listen to you and provide support feels good. Seriously good service guys"


The calls are amazing! I think the call service saved some of my friendships! I was like a broken record & couldn’t stop thinking about my breakup and the legal fight I was going through. My friends got sick of hearing about it and my family didn’t really understand what was happening. It just gave me an outlet to just talk and get things off my chest with absolutely no judgement.”


"When my de facto relationship ended my ex withheld all of our money from me & evicted me from our home. I had no idea that was even possible. It was terrifying. I joined It’s Over after starting legal proceedings against my ex and I found it hugely helpful both from a strategic point of view and an emotional one. I got a lot out of the call service. It made me feel better talking to someone who had been through a similar experience. It’s worth the cost of joining."

You can purchase additional calls at a cost of:

1 Single Call



5 Pack Of Calls



10 Pack Of Calls


  • Duration: Calls last for 30 minutes
  • Missed call: Once you schedule a call and we confirm it with you, a listener will call you at the allotted time. We will call from a private number. If you do not answer we will make a second attempt within two minutes. If the second call is not answered the call will be marked as completed and is non-refundable.
  • Scheduling of calls: Simply schedule all calls via the site. Select the date and time you want to talk to a Listener and select Continue. Then enter your personal details and hit Submit.
  • Language: All our Listeners speak English. If you have a preferred language please mention it in the notes section.
  • Mutual respect: Our Listeners are people just like you. They are there to help. You must not swear, raise your voice or behave in an intimidating or threatening manner. We understand emotions can run high during relationship break ups but mutual respect is a prerequisite. If you behave in an inappropriate way, the call will be ended and be non-refundable.