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Understanding how your relationship affects your finances can help you build a stronger relationship or dissolve it with dignity.

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The cost of ending your relationship can be high from an emotional and financial perspective. Being prepared can minimise these costs.

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About It's Over

Despite the fact more and more people are deciding to live together, information on how this affects you remains unknown and hard to find. Pair this with the fact that legislation varies from state to state and it’s very difficult to know how you will be affected in the short and long terms.

The resources contained in this site have been provided by people who have first hand experience of de facto relationships, Binding Financial Agreements, plus the court processes around property adjustment and settlement. These resources enable members to quickly understand the legal processes involved in a court action, costs and strategies used by both applicants & respondents. As a member you will also have access to the forum, where you can communicate with other members & our team of Listeners who can offer support during a difficult period.

Member Testimonials

  •   Guys, thank you! If I had not joined this site I literally would have had no idea what I was in for! After joining I was able to brief my solicitor on the outcome I wanted and keep the emotion out of it. You still need legal advice but the resources are great for helping you understanding potential strategies & approaches.  
    - Roger
  •   I have just moved in with my girlfriend & wanted to make sure we were on the same page regarding all of the financial things in our relationship. The resources helped us discuss & plan how we are going to create wealth together and also agree on who is paying for what. It has made us stronger as a couple to be honest.  
    - Chandra
  •   I had no idea I was financially vulnerable until I read all of the info on this site. We now have a Binding Financial Agreement in place. We used the resources on the site to draft all of the things we wanted included. This saved on legal fees. I don’t think I would have even known I needed an agreement had I not joined this site.  
    - Susan
  •   My relationship with Mark ended & he placed caveats on our properties, which affected my business & ability to borrow in the short term. I joined this site in a search for information. Being able to communicate with other members about what was happening was a huge benefit. I can’t recommend the site highly enough.  
    - Bryan

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  • Starting out : This group of men & women want to understand their position should their relationships become serious or should they decide to live with their partner. Did you know that de facto laws can still apply to partners who do not live together but share financial responsibilities?
  • De facto Partners : Many members are currently in de facto relationships and planning for their future by using this site to put in place appropriate agreements to govern their finances & assets as a couple. Ensuring you have full financial visibility and agreements in place can help to remove financial stress and ensure you have similar financial values.
  • De facto Relationship Breakdowns : These members are currently going through a de facto relationship breakdown and are using this site and the resources contained on it to better understand their position, manage their legal teams and run their cases. A relationship break up is a very emotional time and guidance and support is available through the resources, our team of Listeners & the forum.
  • Rebooting : Many members are reentering a relationship after a relationship breakdown or significant period out of the dating pool. This group are interested in protecting the assets they may bring to a new relationship. Many of these members have also experienced a relationship break up in their past and want to enter their next relationship with their eyes open.